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Pam is a nationally recognized speaker, author, business owner, and marketing professional. As the founder of Vigilant Corporation in 1996, she began her journey to excellence in internet marketing early on. Today she is also the owner of Reputatus, a reputation marketing firm and is recognized as a leader in her industry. She is the author of The Reputation Factor®, and The Art of Running Red Lights. Mrs. Gockley uses subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) humor to help you, your business or your organization improve and maintain your reputation.

Garrett is often referred to as a “Master Networker and Marketer”. A lifelong business owner, Mr. Rhoads has past marketing experience in international agriculture, healthcare software, and real estate wholesaling. Today he is the owner of Doorstep Concierge, a new homeowner marketing firm; the founder of the Eastern PA Business Owners Network, a regional business networking organization, the founder, and facilitator of the Lehigh Valley Real Estate Investor’s Club with over 1,300 members, and a Cause Based Marketing consultant and pioneer.

Session #1: The 4D’s of Reputation Mgmt, Part 1
Discover: Is your reputation as good as you think it is? Not just the one you think you have, but the one your customers see.
Define: What do you need to consider yourself successful? Is it money, fame, or success? What does that say about you and your relationships? Create a message to start building relationships with your target market.
Given by Pam

Session #2: Networking With A Purpose
Did you ever wonder WHY some people seem to network and build a clientele so easily? This session will explore the ins & outs of networking and how to make networking work for you. Topics will include types of events, proper approaches, tips on the perfect commercial, key questions to ask, how to become a “connector”, proper follow-up and follow through, and how to avoid the “rookie mistakes”.
Given by Garrett 

Session #3: The 4D’s of Reputation Mgmt, Part 2
Develop: What’s the first impression you leave with others? Can you change the way you communicate and network to improve your real reputation?
Defend: Today’s consumers have access to information and public feedback 24/7 and they USE it. Their expectations have changed and those expectations are HIGH. If you are not keeping up with these changes in consumer attitudes, you are losing customers.
Given by Pam

Session #4: Cause Based Marketing
The most powerful form of marketing (especially among younger consumers). Develops word of mouth advertising, customer & employee loyalty, goodwill in the community, and long-term brand recognition by appealing to your potential customer’s emotions and feelings while doing good in your community. Find out what the most successful cutting edge companies already know. The best part? It’s cheap! Any business can afford it.
Given by Garrett 

If you are dissatisfied in any way and do not feel as though the information and education provided was worth the price of admission, we will cheerfully refund your money (less the cost of lunch).



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