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The Reputation Learning Center (RLC) was created to help business owners, corporate leaders, and non-profit professionals to develop a full understanding of Reputation-based learning. We also help individuals and professionals in career transition. The model, based on the 4Ds of Reputation, can be applied to many different subjects and levels depending on the needs and desired outcomes.

Our programs focus on the core Reputation philosophy:
“It starts with you, but it’s not about you!”

A message from Pam: Why The Reputation Learning Center

The Reputation Factor® book, written by Pam Gockley in 2012, outlines the trademarked 4Ds, Discover, Define, Develop and Defend, a process that creates a proven platform for Reputation development and gives you the tools to develop self-awareness, to understand the perceptions of others and to build a successful public persona.

Levels of Reputation Engagement:

Personal/Career- We focus on career transitions in your lifelong goal of living your life to the fullest.
Corporate/Business - We bring expertise in the areas of Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing to transition you and your business into a responsive and customer-centric business.
Youth/Young Adult - The Camel Project coming soon

Reputation is 100% within your control. The Reputation Learning Center will teach you how to create a Reputation for success.
For business development, the RLC merges customer service, sales and marketing to build stronger relationships with clients and staff.
For personal development, RLC helps transition to a new career or to climb the ladder within a company.

Start with a Clean Slate

Who We Help

Department Heads
Pageant Contestants
Political Candidates



The Art of Running Red LightsThe Reputation Factor


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