Reputatus is the business/corporate development arm of the Reputation Learning Center.

In today's eco-conscious environment, buyers are educated and ready to buy when they arrive at your doorstep, which may be traditional brick-and-mortar or virtual. By using Reputation Strategy to leverage your strengths before investing money in marketing, learn how to build strong relationships with your buyers, and discover how to bridge the gap between you and your clients.

4Ds Process:
Discover, Define, Develop & Defend

Attract, Connect, and Keep the Clients That Need You
Focusing on Customer Service, Sales and Marketing

This powerful, program will show you how to: 
•  Discover: Research and study current status, clients, staff, and vendors 
•  Define: Explore the needed target market 
•  Develop: Communication channels to deliver the  1st impression, communications (targeted message), network
•  Defend: Have a plan in place to monitor and track changes and progress

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Up Your Game Customer Service

  • Fans or Customers: Which is Better
  • 5 Steps To Engage and Empower Your Staff
  • Secret Shop your Business and Stop Blaming Your Clients

Streetwise Sales

  • Meet and Beat Expectations 
  • What Makes You Tick?
  • Manager vs. Leader Which are you and why it matters

Mastering Marketing

  • Speak With, Not At Your Clients
  • Stop Selling and Start Build Relationships with a targeted marketing message
  • Effective Use of the Internet: Websites, Email Marketing & Social Media


Business Owner or Management
4Ps Process:
People, Process, Product and Promotion:

Loosely based on 1960’s, Basic Marketing, by E. Jerome McCarthy, the 4Ps method is relevant to today's business environment. RLC has updated this concept to help business owners, regardless of their experience, build a successful entity. Our modernized process is more effective and easy for leadership to implement and maintain. McCarthy focused on the traditional concept of branding, which told an individual how to feel. RLC focuses on the modern idea of Reputation, which assumes an individual already knows how they feel. In our model, each step builds on the next, so if we need to make changes, little time, effort and money is lost.



People: The people factor includes everyone that touches the business: clients, staff, vendors, investors and media.




Process: This is an examination of how you developed your product or service. Why are you doing what you are doing?



Product: Specifically addresses the product or services your business provides to your consumers.




Promotion: The promotion is last, because it includes digital, website, social media, blogs, etc.; it also includes more traditional print, billboards, TV, radio, etc.



TRF Process

Who We Help

Department Heads
Pageant Contestants
Political Candidates



Reputation Intelligence leads to:

  • Individual Innovation Leading to Freedom
  • Creating a Custom Plan/Roadmap Based on Your Morals & Values
    New, Healthy Relationships
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationships
  • Reduces Stress
  • Focus on What Matters
  • Productivity
  • Builds Confidence
  • Opens Opportunities
  • Disrupts Status Quo
  • Makes you an Expert


The Art of Running Red LightsThe Reputation Factor


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