Lead with Your Right...

4Ds Process:
Discover, Define, Develop & Defend


When you begin your personal awareness journey applying the 4D principles, you gain insights based on peer-completed behavioral assessments. Most people have never made this personal awareness journey. We will be with you every step of the way.Personal Process - Reputation Learning Center

In four steps, this life-changing, the program will show you how to:

• Discover:
Who are you? Are you driving in the fast lane driving 70 mph when the speed limit is 55, or are you the one driving 55 mph when the speed limit is 70? What is your nature? How do you demonstrate it to your family, friends, and community?

• Define:
What do you need to be successful? Is it money? Fame? Success? Do you have defined goals? Are they written down?

• Develop:
1st Impression, Communication & Network
What is the first impression you leave with others? How do you communicate, and who is in your network? How can you narrow your activities to reach your defined goals?

• Defend
Do you seek and ask for feedback? Are you open to suggestions and opportunities? All of us must build self-awareness, so we can decide if and how to respond to negative feedback.

TRF Process

Who We Help

Department Heads
Pageant Contestants
Political Candidates



Reputation Intelligence leads to:

  • Individual Innovation Leading to Freedom
  • Creating a Custom Plan/Roadmap Based on Your Morals & Values
    New, Healthy Relationships
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationships
  • Reduces Stress
  • Focus on What Matters
  • Productivity
  • Builds Confidence
  • Opens Opportunities
  • Disrupts Status Quo
  • Makes you an Expert

Lead with Your Right...


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