Aspects of Identity

Pam's Secret Sauce to Manage Reputation
Seek → Educate → Evolution = Success

Learn how to Monitor and Maintain your Reputation

Levels of Reputation Engagement:

Personal - We focus on career transitions in your lifelong goal of living your life to the fullest.
Professional - We focus on building your professional position, stature, and presence.
Corporate - We bring expertise in the areas of Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing to transition you and your business into a responsive and customer centric business.

Traditional Marketing - Outbound marketing includes newspaper, radio, TV, cable, magazine advertising, etc.
Internet Marketing - the Internet or inbound marketing includes everything online, including websites, blogs, E-newsletters, E-training, Social media, etc.
Think about it, before the Internet most marketing messages were made through advertising channels as sound-bytes. A 30 or 60-second radio or TV ad, or a three by three column inch space in print was all we could buy. Ads were limited to company name, a phone number and a sentence or two about the business. We're limited by size, amount and time.

The Internet, on the other hand, has allowed us to tell our story through endless channels. The Internet comes with very few size, length or time limits. This is where many businesses miss the opportunity to build a solid Reputation, focusing on the areas of Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing. We also quickly learned, that the areas MUST work together. 

During the era of traditional business practice, the areas of Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing department do not communicate, share information or see eye to eye on anything. We at, RLC bridge, that gap and engage management and staff forge solution using the Reputation strategy. 

The 4D Process

Start with a Clean Slate


The Art of Running Red LightsThe Reputation Factor


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