Pamela S. Gockley: Founder/CEO


Pamela S. Gockley is an internationally known speaker, humorist and astute student of business, with over 21 years of experience. She is the corporate leader and creator of The Reputation Factor®, Reputatus Learning and the Reputation Strategy philosophy: "It starts with you, but it's not about you." Using her 4Ds of Reputation Strategy, Pam transformed her struggling business into a thriving marketing and training organization.

Pam has revolutionized the art of building a revenue-generating business in this pull global economy. She has helped professionals, business owners and their staff, and educational and not-for-profit institutions adapt from a business-centric approach to a customer-centric method. Pam helps her clients streamline and refine processes, saving them both money and time. Clients who have implemented and executed the Reputation Strategy have transitioned their careers and increased their sales an average of 25% every year.

Pam is responsive and flexible to her customer's needs. Her staff is empowered, engaged and accountable because they have a seat at the company's table, all of which strengthens relationships and connections that build a robust business.

Now, Pam shares her process with you. She will teach you how to become an innovator and a dominant force in your industry. She will help you transform your company into a six-figure business.

Community: During her career, Pam has dedicated her personal time to helping her community. She has served as a judge, judge’s chair and chaperone for the Miss America organization, at the local level. Pam also served as a host, producer and moderator for political candidates’ forums and as the president of the local chapter of the League of Women Voters.

2004 Best 50 Outstanding Business Women in Pennsylvania
2005 Entrepreneurial Achievement Award from Kutztown University's Small Business Development Center
2014 Lehigh Valley Business’ 25 Women of Influence
2016 Woman of M2M, through the Connected World Magazine



The 4D Process

Who We Help

Department Heads
Pageant Contestants
Political Candidates



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