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Our Programs, Seminars and Training Topics

We offer our trademarked platform and expertise in Reputation to help you build self-awareness and create a public persona that will help you reach your goals. Reputation is one of the few things in your life with which you have 100% control. The Reputation Learning Center will teach you how to build a clear self-awareness and a professional public persona.

RLC offers programs of various lengths, which we customize to suit your desired outcomes and goals. Everyone learns differently, and we address those unique needs. We base all course content on the foundation provided by the 4Ds of Reputation:  Discover, Define, Develop and Defend.

Personal Reputation Development
RLC creates custom training programs to assist teens and adults in creating a Personal Development Plan (PDP). A PDP addresses personal awareness and assessment, goal setting, writing resumes and cover letters and preparing for interviews. We provide hands-on resume development and role-playing practice for interviews.

Professional and Business Reputation Marketing Development
Below is a small sample of our programs. Most programs can be customized to meet your goals and the goals of your organization. Contact us today for more information.

Career Advancement:

Resume Writing
Basics of Interviewing
Advanced Interviewing
Building Your Professional Network

Professional Growth Programs:

Creating Your Forever Reputation … Reputation Management
Reputationize Now: Reputation Is The Game Changer In 2017
It Is All About Relationships And Reputation.
Defining Goals
Best Practices in Networking
Follow Up, Follow Up then Follow Up

Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing

Defying Gravity Team Building With Reputation
Creating a Killer 1st Impression
Building Your Network
Website That Produces Results
Internet Marketing
Stop Selling! Start Building Relationships
Grow Your Business Organically
Referrals, Surveys, And Reviews Oh My!!
Mastering Marketing
Pop Your Profit
SEO Does it Work?
Are Internet Trolls Defining Your Reputation?

The 4D Process

Start with a Clean Slate

TRF Process

Who We Help

Department Heads
Pageant Contestants
Political Candidates



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