Seek, Educate, Evolve (SEE) Reputation Certification 

There are many reasons to pursue an only official Reputation Certification. Earning your SEE Reputation Certification is like having a world of new opportunities placed at your feet. By having your Reputation in alignment with your future career goals or vision for your business, new doors will open easier and quicker.

With a SEE you will rise to the top of your field, be credible and respected. Advancement, growth and earning potential will increase.
It clearly establishes your willingness to invest and also to your commitment to the future. All while, improving your skills and building your confidence as well as peers and colleagues alike.

How It Works: SEE Reputation Certification

This powerful, program will show you how to: Identify areas that need to be improved through this personal and professional awareness journey

  • Discover: Who are you?
  • Define and plan: What do you do?
  • Develop (with 1st impression, Communications, and Network): How to get there?
  • Defend (maintain and keep on track with goals and steps to next level): How to stay there?

Takeaways: Outcomes from transitioning to a Reputation Mindset

  • Attract, connect and keep the people, staff and clients you need
  • Increase sales and income
  • Build loyal relationships personally and professionally 
  • Define new markets and opportunities
  • Identify top priorities and action steps within each relationship
  • Move from busy to productive
  • Move from Multi-tasking to focused
  • Become the "Go to" Expert  in your field


Why It Works: The only thing guaranteed is change. Today’s consumers have changed dramatically over the last five years, let alone the last year. With access to information, consumer are more educated before on most subjects. This means consumers are in the driver seat and in control of how, when, and why they purchase products and services. As a consultant for twenty-one years, RLC Founder, Pam Gockley has seen many people, personally and professionally, fall short in meeting expectations. Pam has discovered that consumers buy mainly on the reputation of the service providers and we, at RLC will apply the Reputation Strategy to personal and professional marketing plans….

Tools and Support:

  • The Reputation Factor® book
  • One-on-one consulting
  • Activity Handouts
  • Group Skye meetings
  • Unlimited access to the Video Library
  • Private Facebook page

The Outline of the Program:  4 Steps to Join the Reputation Revolution

1. The Reputation Factor: Discover
2. The Reputation Factor: Define
3. The Reputation Factor: Development Pillars

• 1st Impression:
• Communications: Communication Skills Worksheet
• Network:

4. The Reputation Factor: Defend

Location: Weekly Skype Group Meetings

Topics: Monthly Group Meeting 

First Week: Discover
Second Week: Define
Third Week: Develop
Fourth Week: Defend

One-on-One Skype Meetings: Scheduled


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